Education for Adults and Children

Holding child protection awareness training for all Management, staff/volunteers in positions of trust and residents should be done annually. This can be achieved through secular resources or devotees who are proficient in certain areas. Topics can and should vary from year to year. Ideas include internet safety; active bystander training; mandatory reporter training; the effects of neglect; and how children are impacted by domestic violence. Agencies that can be contacted to provide the annual child abuse awareness training include: Children's Advocacy Center, the Department of Children and Families, Domestic Violence Prevention Center, Social Services, Rape Crisis Center, etc. 

Personal Safety training for children may be conducted by a devotee or someone from the secular community. Often there is an agency such as the ones noted for the adults annual training that can send someone out to your temple to provide this service free of charge. If a devotee is selected to provide personal safety training for the children here are some pre-scripted programs that can be used:

These organizations provide age appropriate materials for a fee.