12 Steps to a Safe Temple

Step 1

Register Your Temple with the Child Protection Office

Register Here

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Step 2

Develop a Child Protection Team by selecting 3 people within your community to form the team.

Details on forming a CPT 

Submit your CPT Names

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Step 3

Training is hosted for the Child Protection Team to prepare them for their services.

Schedule a Training

Contact the Child Protection Office

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Step 4

Post and Promote a Child Protection Policy within the Community.

Download Policy Documents & Posters

Download Language to Email Community

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Step 5

Send Photo Proof of Policy Posted in the Temple

Submit Photo Evidence

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Step 6

Nominate Administrator to complete background checks on behalf of the Temple

Details on Job Role

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Step 7

Register online for Criminal Background Checks service


How to Sign Up

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Step 8

Conduct Criminal Background Checks for all Temple Residents

Conduct Background Check

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Step 9

Conduct Criminal Background Checks for people in Positions of Authority/Trust, work with Children, and Heads of Departments

Conduct Background Checks

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Step 10

Submit CPO Clearance Request for ALL Background Checks conducted

Submit CPO Clearance Request

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Step 11

Create a Policy for new Residents/Teachers/Heads of Service in relation to reference checks prior to active service

Download the Script

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Step 12

Follow the CPO Case Outcomes and Guidelines


Notify the CPO of a breach in conduct

Submit an incident of Child Abuse

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